Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Hosting

The Big Advantage

Users get the price they want, as orders are quickly filled by going directly to the market via our private trading network.  More..

Safe and Sound

Customer environments are private, so no virtual desktop can ever affect the performance of another. More..

Trade Anywhere

Securely access your trading machine on any device, from anywhere in the world. More..

Picture a Great Fill

By only sending a picture of what changes, you get a responsive trading experience even in very active markets.   More..
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Financial Proximity-Hosting at a Fraction of the Typical Cost

The first low-cost hosting platform that's powerful enough for algorithmic trading.

Algorithmic Strategy Development Tools

Algo-Builder API

Our development tools slash the time and cost of creating algorithmic strategies or any trading application. More..

Build Anything

Automate any trading idea quickly and cost effectively, no matter how complex the strategy or how big symbol list. More..

Test Without Risk

Our accurate simulator allows thorough testing of your strategy before risking any capital. More..

Make It a Business

Deploy your strategy or alert via Trader AppStore to users from around the globe, where you decide how much to charge. More..
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You're Playing in the Major Leagues, Use a Big Bat

Quickly build any trading strategy and instantly execute to your choice of broker.

Trader AppStore

Global Strategies

Take advantage of trading strategies from across the globe, built from many diverse ideas targeting a wide range of market opportunities. More..

When Speed Counts

Traders make money by seizing opportunity in active markets. Our platform is designed to be fast when data volumes are at their peak. More..

Size Doesn't Matter

Our revolutionary platform eliminates Internet symbol subscription limits without slowdowns or disconnects from any connection.  More..

Serious Advantages

Apps are hosted in our financial data-centers, so the entire execution process happens at the exchange instead of on the end-users desktop. More..
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See How To Stop Trading From the Cheap Seats

Execute like being on The Floor using any device, from anywhere in the world.

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