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Gray-Box Trading 101

Learn How Automation Can Revitalize Your Trading


Black-Box vs Gray-Box Trading

Algorithmic trading employs computer programs for entering trading orders with the algorithm deciding on aspects of the trade without human intervention.  A black-box hides all of the trade decision process and the internal workings of the system is not known to the trader. Conversely, Gray-box applications reveal the trade entry parameters and allow customization of the strategy by the trader. Gray-boxes can still be run in a 100% automated fashion after the trader adjusts trade parameters, risk-tolerance and stock-list to their liking. Clear benefits of Gray-Box over Black-Box systems include:

  • Transparent decision criteria

  • Develop more understanding

  • Build trust in the strategy

  • Eliminate emotional mistakes

  • Maintain control of the trade

  • Increase your reaction time

  • Manage more positions

  • Decrease your risk